Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Outlandish Toggle ~ Pattern No. 97

I received the greatest compliment the other day.
A new someone visited my blog and found the post for an
Alice in Wonderland Challenge. She sent me a message to say she thought my necklace, Off with Her Head!, was extraordinary (extraodinary, really!) and wondered if it was for sale?

Off wih Her Head!

I'm very happy to say that I sold the piece at a show last summer to a woman that was over the moon to make it her own. But, I was also happy to tell this new someone that since I had handmade the major components I could make a similar piece if she might be interested... and she is!

Outlandish Toggle  ~ 1937 Garland Raptures Pattern®

The fun thing about making a piece for someone is that they can participate in the process. Here are the two toggles from which she has to choose. She'll also get to choose the tin that'll be used to create the bezel for the pendant and any of the other elements that make up this piece including glass beads and length.

Outlandish Toggle™ ~ Pattern No. 97

This project has also got me thinking about spoon toggles again. I've had a fair few people ask me about purchasing the toggles to use in their own work and I really enjoy making them so I've decided to start selling Outlandish Toggles in my resupply shop.
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