Friday, February 22, 2013

Lucky Charms

Ornamentea is once again hosting their Lucky Charm Swap.

I finally got my act together and've sent my charms merrily on their way. This year I decided to make faux vintage stencil charms...

I love vintage stencils, but they're ususally too big for the jewelry that I like to make. So, I made a template and cut my own!

Step one... pierce the brass

Once all of the number details are pierced from the brass sheet they get cut apart, and then the real work begins. Filing, shaping, sanding, tube rivets, patina, tumbling and making jump rings...

Hand~cut Stencil Charm No. 4

...but look at how great they look once they're done!

Charm No. 3 and Charm No. 4 are available in the shop today
with more on the way. If there are letters or numbers you'd like to make your very own just send me a note.

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