Friday, May 9, 2014

Art Jewelry Magazine~
Tin Challenge!

Well, the wait is finally over! 

In March, Art Jewelry Magazine challenged ten subscribers to create at least one piece of jewelry from an assortment of beautiful tins. We had three weeks to design, construct and then send the finished pieces back to AJM to be photographed for the reveal.

It was great fun designing and constructing the three pieces I sent to AJM. The toughest part was choosing from the deliciously colored Harney & Sons tea tins...

I decided to send three pieces to AJM. 
Since tin can't stand the heat of soldering I chose to construct all of my pieces using cold connections.

The first is an adjustable Lemon Swirl ring. It's made using two colors of tin and scrap nickel sheet. It was punched and domed and connected using a mini brass bolt and stainless nut.

The second piece is a Poppy! brooch. This piece was the most fun to make! The stem is cut from a vintage silver plated children's fork. The flower and leaf are punched, domed and cut from tin and reinforced by scrap nickel sheet and connected using a mini stainless nut and bolt which has been filed down to create the tin stem.

The third piece is a Dolci Cuoricini or sweet little heart. The heart is formed using a hydraulic press and is then cut and riveted to a scrap of roller pinter brass sheet. It hangs from gunmetal steel chain and a handmade gunmetal steel hook.

As soon as I receive the pieces back from AJM I'll be listing them in my shop. Until then, I'll be working on similar designs. If you're interested just send me a note!

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Junksmith said...

Great work, Pam! Love these pieces!