Saturday, September 14, 2013


The Cambridge Center for Adult Education --in collaboration with the Cambridge Arts Council, the Somerville Arts Council, Cambridge Local First, and Somerville Local First -- is repeating its very successful Community Supported Art program (CSArt) to help get affordable work by local artists into the hands of local buyers. This project is partially funded by an Adams Arts Program grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.
CSArt 2013 shares cost $300 and will feature works by nine new local artists. No more than 50 shares will be sold in each round, to keep the line of art special. Shareholders receive all nine works of art -- at a fantastic value -- from emerging and mid-career artists; develop relationships with local artists; discover new artists; meet their fellow shareholders; and explore a variety of disciplines. CSArt features unique art, not commercial, mass-produced articles. 
That's what makes it special!

Go to CCAE/Shares for more info.
To purchase a share in this year crop simply click here!

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