Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Art Jewelry Magazine~
Acrylic Challenge

 Shoo fly!

I was one of the lucky few chosen to participate in
the Art Jewelry Magazine Acrylic Challenge!

I received three small pieces of colored acrylic,
violet, very dark purple and orange.

Although I've been drawn to all things orange lately that piece of acrylic just didn't speak to me. I did love the very dark purple, but it's very dark. I have something in mind, but not for this challenge. So, the violet it was!

Shoo Fly! pendant with chain

I started by etching a housefly on two sheet of stainless steel. While they were doing their thing, I roller printed a swirly pattern into copper sheet. Once the metals were ready and cut to size I "patinated" one of the flies and the swirly copper frame with a blue violet alcohol marker. When the violet acrylic is place on top it gives the fly an almost holographic effect. It's pretty cool.

Shoo fly! pendant back

I cut a larger back plate from stainless, cut a window for the fly on the back and engraved "shoo fly" under the window.

I'm not a photographer and this was a particularly tough piece to photograph. In real life, the back of the piece does not have a copper glow, just copper rivets.

Riveting everything together was a little challenging. Stainless is tough on #58 bits. On the last rivet the bit broke inside the "sandwich" of metals and acrylic. Honestly!?

I finished the piece up by making the jump rings, bail and clasp using steel and copper wire.

It enjoyed working with the acrylic. It has a buttery texture. I love that it's a solid color, but it's transparent. Cool.

My next acrylic project is a ring for my son using the very dark purple. I'll keep you posted!

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Alice said...

What a fabulous piece! Did you pick the Shoo Fly theme or did they? Either way it's a fun theme.

Congratulations on being chosen to participate.