Monday, June 18, 2012

Rowing on the Charles...

Christian rowing on the Charles River in Boston

Well, summer is off to a fantastic start for my son
who spent a glorius morning on the Charles learning to row.

Adaptive seating provides more support

Christian has one more year of high school and then it's off to college!
He decided to join the adaptive sports program at Spaulding Rehab so he can try a few different water sports, like rowing and canoeing, 
since he'd like to join a crew once he gets to college. 

His instructor said he did a great job!

He had an awesome 1:1 instructor plus there were several other instructors in the water, two on sailboards and another in a kayak, lending support and encouragement. Every time a Duck Boat crossed their path everyone on board shouted "Quack! quack!".

Back at the launch he was all smiles

When he got back he told me he caught his first crab. What?!
It's a rowing thing...

Now it's off to the gym to start training!

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