Monday, February 27, 2012

ABS February Challenge

It's a miracle, but I finally finished my ABS Challenge piece!

The focal bead is made with a vintage optician's lens. Encased under the glass is a vintage photo cut from the cover of the book displayed. They're both securely wrapped in a hand-cut printed tin bezel.

Detail of the focal bead.

 Detail of the back of the focal bead.
Cut from a shortbread cookie tin lid.

The necklace contains a variety of recycled glass beads, vintage glass rosary pearls, Mill Hill glass seed beads, and the little bird clasp is from the Jill McKay Collection. I've also added two of my handmade printed tin beads.

Detail of the handmade vintage tin beads.
Images © re-maker


Junksmith said...

Wow, nice job, Pam! What a neat piece.

re-maker said...

Thanks Nancy!
It was lots of fun to make!